P2P Transactions


Introduction: TextRP offers an innovative feature allowing users to conduct peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions using XRP tokens within its platform. This guide will walk you through the process of initiating and completing P2P transactions seamlessly on TextRP.

Getting Started with P2P Transactions:

  1. Username and Wallet Address Association:

    • In TextRP, your username is distinct from your wallet address, uniquely identifying each user's associated wallet behind the username.

  2. Utilizing a Valid Wallet Address:

    • While signing up on TextRP, it's advisable to use a valid wallet address. This address is associated with your username, ensuring smoother transactions within the platform.

  3. Sending and Receiving XRP Tokens

    Sending XRP Tokens:

    • Accessing XRP Transaction Menu:

    • Click on the XRP logo/symbol within the chat interface.

    • A menu for sending/receiving XRP will appear.

    • Selecting Address and Destination Tag:

      • Choose the desired recipient's address within a room chat, space, or group.

      • Optionally, select a valid destination tag if required.

      • Setting Amount and Memo (if applicable)

      • Specify the amount of XRP you intend to send.

      • If sending to an exchange, provide a memo if necessary.

    Initiating the Transaction:

    Receiving XRP Tokens:

    • Accessing Receive Option:

      Click on the "Receive" option within the XRP transaction menu.

    • Copy your XRP address provided.

    • Share this address with the user from whom you wish to receive XRP tokens.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Username vs. Wallet Address: While usernames are different, they correspond to specific wallet addresses associated with each user.

  • Valid Wallet Address: Using a valid wallet address during signup ensures a smoother transaction experience within TextRP.

Benefits of TextRP's P2P Transactions:

  • Streamlined Process: Easy navigation for conducting secure XRP transactions.

  • Secure Environment: Transactions happen securely within TextRP.

  • User Convenience: Seamlessly send XRP tokens without exiting the platform.

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