Feature Pack Status

Understanding Feature Pack Statuses

In TextRP's platform section, distinct statuses—Enabled, Available, and My NFT—indicate different states of NFT integration and user ownership within the platform.

  1. Enabled:

    • Definition: Enabled NFTs represent those integrated into TextRP that the user currently holds.

    • Implication: Users with Enabled NFTs possess and actively use these integrated NFTs within the TextRP platform.

  2. Available:

    • Definition: Available NFTs denote those integrated into TextRP that users do not hold or own.

    • Implication: These NFTs are present within the TextRP platform but are not in the possession of the user, indicating options for potential acquisition.

  3. My NFT:

    • Definition: My NFT status refers to NFTs held by the user that are not integrated into TextRP.

    • Implication: Users holding NFTs in this category have ownership, but these particular NFTs are not yet incorporated or activated within the TextRP platform.

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