Accessing Settings

In TextRP, you can tailor your experience and manage various settings according to your preferences. Here’s how you can access and navigate the settings.

  1. Open the Settings Menu:

    • Click on your profile picture located at the top left corner of the screen.

    • From the dropdown menu, select “Settings.”

  2. Navigate Through Different Settings Sections:

    • The Settings menu is divided into several sections, each catering to different aspects of the app.

    • Use the left sidebar to navigate through these sections. Key sections include:

      • General: Manage your basic account details and preferences.

      • Security & Privacy: Adjust your security settings and manage privacy options.

      • Notifications: Customize how you receive notifications for different activities and messages.

      • Appearance: Change the theme, font size, and other display settings.

      • Voice & Video: Manage settings related to voice and video calls.

      • Help & About: Access help resources and information about the app.

      • Feature Packs: View and manage your Feature Pack NFTs, which unlock additional app features.

      • Buy Credits: Purchase credits to use for various app features and services.

  3. Adjust Settings as Needed:

    • Click on the specific setting you wish to change and make the necessary adjustments.

    • Some settings may require confirmation or a restart of the app to take effect.

  4. Save Changes:

    • Ensure to save any changes made, if required. Some settings will automatically save upon adjustment.

  5. Access Help and Support:

    • If you need help understanding a specific setting or feature, look for the “Help” or “?” icon near the setting.

    • Clicking on this icon will provide additional information or direct you to relevant help resources.

  6. Return to the Main Screen:

    • Once you have finished adjusting settings, return to the main screen by clicking the “Back” arrow or simply closing the settings menu.

By following these steps, you can easily access and manage your settings in TextRP, ensuring a personalized and comfortable user experience.

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