Convenient use of end-to-end encryption (E2EE)

TextRP provides encryption for transports to and from the home server located at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, along with enabling end-to-end encryption (E2EE). This involves exchanging cryptographic keys among devices intending to exchange E2EE messages, initially complex but now user-friendly.

User-generated cryptographic keys are stored locally, posing a risk if inadvertently closed, rendering encrypted content unreadable. To mitigate this risk, key protection is available on the university's home server, where cryptographic keys are encrypted and stored, protected by a security phrase or a derived security key.

If you login for the first time or login again without having made any backup of your security key yet, then the following window will be shown below;

Key protection is highly recommended for worry-free end-to-end encryption. Therefore you have to choose "Settings/Security & Privacy". Please look for "Encryption" and choose "set up" secure backup.

Alternatively you can choose "Security & Privacy" by clicking next to your username.

In the next window you can setup your key backup:

If you choose "Generate a Security Key" and "Continue", then your security key will appear in the next window. This should be kept safe and retrievable as an emergency key.

With each logout from TextRP and re-login or new login to TextRP on a new device, you will be asked for your security key. Without this key you don't have access to your old encrypted chats. Alternatively you can choose a strong security phrase (but please not the h-da password!).

Furthermore, the security key is generated in addition to the security phrase and should also be kept safe and retrievable as an emergency key. This security phrase will always have to be entered if keys are to be synchronized with the key backup.

You will be asked to confirm your passphrase for your security key:

The next window shows your security key, which you should keep safe and retrievable together with your strong passphrase.

Last but not least you may be asked to confirm your identity with your wallet sign-in on TextRP.

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