FAQs and Support

  1. Q: How do I ensure the wallet address used in the deep link is valid?

    • A: Validate the format of the wallet address before constructing the deep link. TextRP may handle additional validations like checking if the address exists on the XRPL.

  2. Q: Can deep links be used to initiate group chats or only direct messages?

    • A: Deep links can be used for both. User-specific deep links initiate direct messages, while room-specific deep links can connect to group chats or public channels.

  3. Q: Are these deep links secure and private?

    • A: Yes, deep links themselves only direct users to a specific part of the app. The TextRP platform ensures communication security and privacy through end-to-end encryption and other measures.

  4. Q: What happens if a user clicks a deep link but doesn't have a TextRP account?

    • A: The Web 3 experience of TextRP ensures the user onboards as easily the first time as the 50th time. A simple sign on with their wallet is all it takes to access the chat interface.

  5. Q: Can deep links be customized with additional parameters, like a pre-filled message?

    • A: The standard deep link format for TextRP doesn't support additional parameters like pre-filled messages. Any such customization would depend on TextRP's specific implementation and support for extended deep link functionalities.

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